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Great Leaders Make a Difference

Amplify our impact, expand our reach and see the difference a selfless, fearless and authentic leader can make in the world.

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A message from our CEO, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw:

Dear Friend,

These are upended times. As much as they’ve exposed and exacerbated pain and difficulties, they’ve also pushed many people to focus on well-being, question what really matters, challenge systems that don’t work, or pivot in new directions. When people committed to making a positive difference can resonate with the way of things, function from the wisdom of connectedness, and get out of their own way, they not only weather disruption, but create a better world out of it. This is what we mean by Zen Leaders; developing and supporting them is our purpose and this is a crucial time to do that at scale.

Because we moved our programs online, cut our prices and offered scholarships to those who needed them, our program revenues fell well below normal in the past year. At the same time, we have considerable work to do to get our online platforms and marketing upgraded to what’s needed for the new online learning environment, which will allow us to grow. It is your support that closes the gap and makes these crucial investments possible. Please be part of the generous cycle that helps us add up to what the world needs us to be.

Ginny Whitelaw,
CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership