Resourcing Leaders for a Thriving World

Help us meet the urgent need of this time for more leaders who can function from the wisdom and resilience of Zen Leadership.

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Help us meet the urgent need of this time for more leaders who can function from the wisdom and resilience of Zen Leadership.

A message from our CEO, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw:

Dear Friends,

My deepest thanks to those of you who helped us reach our February 10th Anniversary fundraising goal of $75,000. You’ve put us well on our way toward our target of $90,000 by the end of this year. Thank you for helping to foster a bigness in leadership that remembers and honors our interconnectedness. In a world broken and sickened by extractive, power-hungry models of leadership, the alternative we teach of leading one-with others and whole picture brings thriving to individuals, regenerative practices to organizations and promise to a perilous time. Thank you for being here and helping us bring it to more people.

Your generosity allows us to price programs below what they cost so that they’re accessible to people who pay on their own. Moreover, you’re helping us find our way through the aftershocks of Covid, which moved most training online where price points are even lower and there are so many options to sift through. When people do find us and want to train with us, many still require scholarships, which, you’ve made possible to the tune of nearly $25,000 between this year and last. You’ve also enabled us to donate more than $25,000 to our sister organization, Chosei Zen, which helps train our instructors and, since the onset of Covid, has provided daily Zen training to our community. You’re allowing us to make a significant investment in upgrading our FEBI platform, making this on-ramp to our mind-body training more widely known and used.

For whatever current or recurring support you can offer, I am deeply grateful. You will be helping us be a signal above the noise of numerous online offerings, so that our message can reach those who can resonate with it, and they can reach us. You’ll be making future scholarships possible and allowing us to continue to support the powerful training of Chosei Zen. Your support, especially now, will help us find our place in the ecosystem of organizations committed to a regenerative future by developing leaders who experience themselves, not as one-up, but as one-with. On behalf of all of us and all to come, thank you for helping us resource leaders who manifest thriving and can create a thriving world.

Ginny Whitelaw,
CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership